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i'm laura ingram in for bill o'reilly. the spin shortstops right here. we are always looking out for captioned by closed captioning services, inc. and this is a fox news alert. we are waiting a house vote on speaker john boehner's bill to forestall the looming deficit crisis. just a few hours ago the speaker postponed the vote and throughout the day he polled several republican congressmen off the house floor and into his ceremonial office to wrangle their votes. eric cantor's office says there will be a vote tonight but there is no indication when the house will resume. once voting starts the bill will need 216 votes to pass the house. after that it will head directly to the u.s. senate where majority leader harry reid is vowing to defeat it. joining me with their take are south carolina congressman tim scott who decided to vote
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against the bill and texas congressman michael burgess a member of the tea party caucus. guys, welcome to the program. >> thanks very much. >> congressman burgess, from what i understood you were kind of vascillating today? >> yesterday i was undecided yesterday and possibly even leaning a little bit toward the negative side. i was up all night with the morning of the legislation and historical documents related to prior shutdowns and debt limit excursions. on tuesday none of us knows what is delegate to happen. most of us feels that timothy geithner has put an arbitrary deadline throughout. we seed the narrative. look what he did with social security and veterans threats injuries the fact of the matter
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remains if we don't defeat this president we don't get to take this healthcare bill off the backs of the american people. that is what is at stake here. >> sean: i understand the dilemma you are in. let me throw another narrative at you. harry reid says not going to happen, dead an on arrival. say this is the republican bill we didn't want it. we get the downgrade which is coming anyway from s&p and moody's and they say the republicans put us in this position. in essence aren't you in a box either way? >> we certainly are and again, i don't get to sit at the leadership table. i was grateful last week when leader boehner, speaker boehner said we are bringing this back down to the capitol, we pass the legislation and the president decides what he wants to sign. regular order is your friend in this situation. this debate should have always been at the capitol, always been at the committee rooms and been on the floor of the house
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for people to see. behind closed doors is no way to run this process. >> sean: when you guys in the house passed the right bill, >> sean: when you guys in the house passed the right bill, cut, cap and balance and we had competing bills in the senate i thought it cut the legs out for what could have been better for the country. so you going to vote no on the bill, am i assuming like everybody else here the reason the bill has been postponed is that the speaker is shy a number of votes here? >> that would seem to be the case. i would tell you as the bill stands today i cannot support it. for some very common sense reasons and i grew up in a single parent household and i know that there are women out there working 16 hours a day trying to figure out how to pass on the american dream to their kids. they want to know that the financial solvency of this nation has been taken care of. i took an oath of office and i take a look in the mirror and say to my self-i cannot support this because simply looking my mother in the face and other
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folks in the face, hard working americans and saying this is the best we can do simply it not good enough. >> sean: let me ask both of you this and i will ask you first, congressman burgess what if speaker boehner can't get the votes tonight even though they are saying the vote is going to take place. they may call the vote within the next 15 minutes for all we know. if he can't get it done, then why don't they just go back and say we already passed our bill, where is your bill, mr. president? put your ideas on paper. >> after cut cap and balance out that is where we should have been. >> yes. >> maybe we passed that too soon. i didn't get to war game this up. i wasn't at the table when those decisions were made. i do e representative scott and i share the same concerns about the future. the unemployment rate in african american men in their 20s right now is staggeringlily high. we are both under assault from in administration.
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tim with the national lsooor relations board and boeing and entire state of texas because of the eped a suddenly throwing us into the mix with other states where we were never intended to be iidealuded and w we have to close down 18 coal plants by january ot. it gets hot in texas in the summer time. >> isn't the reality of this bill, if the cuts were immediate, for example, the president is going to get a trillion dollars right up front, congressman scott. $1 trillion. the cuts over ten years and then the intervening period future congresses are not necessarily going to be held to whatever cuts in the future, number one. and lsot baseline where assuming cbo scoring out years out that is incllatiing 7, 8, 9% iideareass every single year in federal government spending. so there is still another $9 trillion in there that we going to have over the ten year period of new debt that we are
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accumulating starting with the baseline that we stop increasing the amount of money that we spend every yeaalr >> sean, there are major problems with the bill. even spiker boehner says he does not ley i give him kudos for making this conference try to come together around something. first year cuts of less than 20 trillion south dakota not really effective. the caps look good but not having to be attached to this makes it very much not the cut, cap and balance that i have been supportin 7 what i would love for us to see is something unique coming out of the house and that is what we have already done. whether it is the cut, cap and balaideae that was dead on arrival in the the senate or this bill according to senator reid that will be dead on arrival in the senate this conference and this congress will have to come together between now and tuesday on something different. it appears to me. there is no question that what comes back from senator reid whatever he sends over we expect to be d.o.a. as well in
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the house. >> sean: that is kind of the point here. how have we got ton this point -- got ton this point with the president using all of his scare tactics and all his fear mongering, congressman ss trgess, using veterans and seniors as a wedge and political pawns in this battlf- how have we got then far and the president himself never had the moral courage to put on paper and lead and tell the american people what his bill is? >> sean, you know good and well, it is amateur hour at the white house and has been for some sometime and unfortunately will contilse to be. is why it is so important to me that we confine the damage of to singleht inistration toshie presidential term. i'm afraid he will use it to his advantage and ultimately will gain himself a second term. the caps may not be the best ss tt they are similar to the graham rudd man caps free choice act the ot99 fu which did work until future congress undid them. they put aions itional restrors
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so that the senate would require a three fifth's vote to exceed the cap so they can't use reconciliation. there are safeguards built in. it is not a great deaean make no mistake i'm usually not the guy out here defending onceaker boehner's plans. uslully these roles are reversed. this is perha ul a litl he s and akward for us. i think the speaker is doing the right thing right now. maybe we were late to get to where it should have been. i can't defend the timeline but at same time i can defend the product and we needed to get out there and get this done. >> sean: what i don't understand is the very day and i have been going back to this that you guys in the house were doing the right thing and i give the republicans they didn't vote for obama care, they didn't vote for the ss tre taets of the president. they didn't vote for stimulus. they voted to rwhat eal obama e and voted for the ryan plan and cut cap and tax and then all of a slatiden we are compete agait ourselves and the president and
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the democrats haven't passed a single thing. tactically is that a mistake when you negotiate against yourself. >icalone thing you learn in sas and i ran an insurance agency for a long time. once you make your offer you stop talking. you don't have a counter offer you simply stop talking and this is what we need to do. we need to ce t the final thing on the table and i hope that it would have been cut, cap and balaideae but it's not. i'm hoping that we will put the final bill on the tsoole and simply say pass it or get your own bill scored by cbo and start being a leader to the american pn fple and stop demagoguing the issue. it is time for real leadership 2om the white house. you have seen it in the congress. some of us do not ley are actually working on but the bottom line is speaker is working. >> you can't debate those, sean. out for the house tonight where we are expecting a vote on john boehner's bill to start at some
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point, perhaps during this hour. up nexoffe reaction from all te last minute drama from senator rand paul. ann cound will be here and our great, great american panel, all coming up. oncecial edition of "hannity." frank, instead of scratching your way to retirement,
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>> seasu this is a fox news alert. the house remains in recess right now but we are expecting the vote on the boehner bill to
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begin shortly. earlier this evening the onceaker of the house john boehner called for a last milste delay of the vote but house majority leader eric cantor's office confirms tonight it is still dd.initely on meaning the vote. now, if the bill passes the house it will then move to the u.s. stat where i senate wherey expected to be ejected. over 57 senators said they would vote against it. 51 d obocrats, two indwhat ends and four republicans including my next guest said they could not vote for a plan that doesn't have a balanced budget amendment. hat weining us with reaction is kentucky senator rand paul. senator, this has just come over the fires and fann news hs confirmed there is now a growing possibility in the house tonight that in order to get the final votes for passage that there mignel be a tweaking going on of the boehner bill. so in other words, i guess that confirte t there are not enough votes so they are perhaps some members are saying that if this
6:15 pm
happened or this happened we might be able to support it. would that be your interpretation? >> well, you know if they tweak it right on up to cut, cap and balaideae ik fnow that they can get 234 votes. >> sean: we know that. >>3 thust kewhat tweaking, it is fine with me. the interesting thing is sean, you mentioned we have four republicans. i think we have at least 10, malane 14 rwhat i dlicans in e senate that are going to oppose the boehner bill. >> seasu the ones i confisu ed are you, vitter, mike lee, jim demint. >> we sign adler ss tt privatey e total, maybe 14 who will vote no on the plan. the boehner plan never balances. it will aions $7 trillion tes3 $8 trillion to the debt. it doesn't change the course we are on. an interesting analogy is to look at this is to say if we froze spendin som pn fple could understand thaoffe if we didn't spend any more money next year than we oncent this year and dd it for ten years, washington would count that as a
6:16 pm
$9.5 trillion cut. why? because we are going to add $9.5 trillion to the doppt over the ne the ten years so when ty tell you they going to cut a trillion dollars it is from prreprosed iideareases in the debt. it isn't meaningfuean >> seasu i want to put a highlight on this because you have now signed on to the coect house. >> right. >icalt tthat w: a simple understandsoole plan. for example next year we are going to spend correct me ai 23m wrong anywhere between 7.5 and 8% more, the federal government government will tha3 correct? >> right. year after. >> going up at 7% a year. >> seasuo cu or lar a year fors far as the eye can see as we know. >> correct. how much we spent in 2011. you are saying freeze it and you support this.
6:17 pm
>> gretchen: freeze it or cut it by 1% which is a small amount. but freeze every year for six ould haars and then every yeart it just 1% from this year's level. and do that for sup a years and then 18% of gdp which is historic and then you get to a balaideaed blatiget. is that right? >> what is amazing about this is they want to call us radical and extreme because we are talking about saving one pen yt on the dhaola you what american family is not having to cut back at least one peecty on eve% a dhaolar becaue of family members unmany ployed, because of icklation, because of bad economic timesh3 can the government not cut one penny out of eve% a dhaola you it is crazy that we are called extreme because we want to cut government by one pen you t but also illustrates the fuzzy math up here when they talk about cutting in the or reid plan they are cutting from
6:18 pm
proposed increases. the pen you t plan by connie me and myself over in the senate would cut realcan%. you woue next year than you spent this year and that woue cut. >> sean: it is amazing just by not increasing spending. bahiccally we are saying frem e government spending at 2011 levels for six years and cutca% a year and we will have a balanced budget for our kids and grandkiinc. seete t pre let me ask you this, all that has been going on here what 2ustrates me the m trit is aftr cut, cap and balance passed which i a helalati the house fr doin mat the house has done a lot of good work here and there is angry conservatives, tea party members in the house tonight. the prehicdent has not passed a plan and d obocrats have not passed a plan. the prehicdent hasn't even put his plan on paper. why have they been negotiating agortnst thete telves? why didn't they3 thust ing atss it and go like this and say your move? >> well, you're rignel.
6:19 pm
that's exactly the point here. we passed cut, cap and balance. we never got a counter md ie by the other side and now we are competing with ourselves going atssing another plan. here is the other problem for cok yered ctive m obbers in the house. the tea party doesn't want this. the cok yered ctive rwhat i dn the country, the grass roots doesn't want this. ai you vote for the plan it is not going to become gal overis dead on arr- here. and they will force something through with a lot of democrat votes and a few rwhat i dlican votes. but voting to send the boehner plan over here you are prodicating what you stood for in the last election. >> tell mget you think youk fw what the final outcome is by what i'm listening to you saying here. what are you saying you think ultimately the final outcome is going to be. >> the plan is not going be law so why lose our principles by voting for it. an amalgamation or combination of the boehner and reid plan and will pass wit
6:20 pm
woy h0 democrats in the house and they ges't need the conservat- any more and it will pass with all of the democrats in the senate and some of the rece blicans. it will be done through scare tactics like everything else around here at the end. everybody gets worried and says we must fashionisyi or the end of the wore what is in it any more, we want to wash our haninc and be done with it. >> sean: isn't that how the president passed the stit ylus. in thaod the count% a we faceda catastrophe. same with the continuing resoand rtion and bortling out banks and consider companies and insurances and himll stree. we get down to the panic and art fix deadline and country is workedhe.ontinto a frenzy. so predict prole. learned about hdone a bill hims created. remember the little songing 2om sesame street or whateve yu it is like it was supposed to go to a commi be actedhe.pon in a commi
6:21 pm
go to the full house and vote. none of that happek y around here. hase sit around from week-to-wk and they produce no apprrepriatiok y bilui no blatiget when they had their own president's budget. it l trit 97-0 because no democrat supported their own budget. >> senator, we will continue to folldone the connie mack penny plan which i think is a good idea and maybe, maybe the democrats are doing the conservatives a favor by sayin3 no because ndone they have to produce a bill. good to see you. thanks for birng withhe.s. >> thaob you. >> sean: and breaking developments here. we just heard and fox ne ots confirming that in fact to get more votes there may be a tweaking of the bilui we will have a lot more of this. ge cd ierage of all the latest breaking developments out of washington as we ahimit the house bsenatinning a vote n the boehner debt bill. we will get reaction from ann coulter andk-uan williams and our great american panel, cominghe.p. a big
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do i look like i have a plan? not really. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >> sean: this is a barbecuing bash fox news alert. we are hearing now -- this is a fox news alert. we are hearing from capitol hill they may tweak the boehner bill before they bring it to the house bill before a vote. presumably they are having trouble wrangling the 216 votes they need to pass the bill in part because many members of the tea party caucus and conservatives are refusing to
6:26 pm
back it. a lot of anger being directed at the tea party right now. the "wall street journal" calling them hobbits. the only and one ann colter is here. this is frustrating for me and john mccain and i kind of got into it a little bit last night. why attack the tea party that hired these guys and that understand that we are headed for $25 trillion in debt and that this is one trillion dollars of debt increase, one trillion dollars in cuts over ten years and they don't like it. that is a reasonable position not to like. >> you will remember i supported hillary over john mccain so don't try to get me to support him. rand paul made a fantastic case for them to vote against it yet and still this is a game of chicken with the democrats as
6:27 pm
everyone watching your show but most americans don't know offering nooned republicans keep offering budgets. back in april wanted to cut $3.5 trillion from the budget. shot down. cut cap and balance. shot down. don't vote to raise the debt ceiling and suddenly it's all on the republicans and i can tell you from when i worked in the senate from 1995, yes, we can service the debt and fund the social security and medicare but when the smithsonian and public parks are shut down, republicans will be blamed and we will have fewer -- i think it is getting harder and harder if boehner passes and it goes to the senate and gets killed. >> sean: want me to give you a scenario? >> they will say it but it is hard at this point. if they shoot down boehner that will fit into the counter factual narrative of counter tea party refusing to -- >> sean: democrats are using the 1970s playbook. here is what they will do if in fact the bill passes they will
6:28 pm
go to the senate and say we have no time and this is all they gave us, it as republican bill and when we lose our triple-a rating for moody's and standard & poor's they did it. >> they can't. >> sean: i'm telling you they will -- >> the senate democrats on a pure party line vote vote against cut cap and balance, refuse to accept the $5.5 trillion cut. >> sean: ann, you of all people, wait a second here -- >> i'm sorry even the mainstream media totally left wing bias cannot overcome the facts. >> sean: these are the same people that have used veterans and senior citizens and lied to them in this process that say kids with autism and down's syndrome and the have to fend for themselves.ill >> they will lie. i'm not saying they won't. is a narrative very hard to fifth even on an unsuspecting and often completely unaware american public. if boehner passes the house and
6:29 pm
goes to the senate and gets killed. otherwise republicans get blamed and we may well have fewer republicans in the house and senate next time. >> sean: i'm first angry at the senate for putting forth competing bills and the day that the president got to grab the microphone the debate shifted. the day the house was voting for cut cap and balance and he said stop the presses we have the gang of six, we were in trouble. because the country's attention was diverted and the president created follows hope that didn't exist and then the republicans now hardly anybody around the country knows what cut cap and balance was because it was dead on arrival because of that. >> i don't pay attention to jersey shore. >> sean: you are not a snoki fan. >> i know who she is. >> sean: you are not a fap? >> republicans have to put forward a plan and a budget and democrats shoot it down. if boehner is shot down by tea
6:30 pm
party republicans who i love a lot more than john mccain, if it is shot down by them the narrative is going be the crazy tea party republicans shut down the government, our debt rating is shot and you can't go to the smithsonian or the national park. >> sean: you would have had a better chance for the bill, dollar for dollar cut, short extension. i want the president to be eating the economy that he created with his stimulus and obama care bill and his budgets. instead of back loading it ten years should be you get a trillion dollars we cut a trillion dollars today. >> i like what rand paul said. freeze the budget. take a penny out of every dollar. >> sean: i have been saying that for weeks. where have you been? >> i love what you say, sean. >> sean: why didn't they pass cut cap and balance, hold their hands and say your move? playing chess. donald trump said they have all of the cards and trump is right. >> i think they don't have all of the cards because everyone knows that deep in our
6:31 pm
conservative hearts we secretly want the government to be shut down. the people know that. we will dance a jig and that is what part of the reason it gets blamed on republicans and the other reason it gets blamed on republicans is again i'm sorry the mainstream media is still very powerful. >> sean: i don't say that often, you are wrong on this. you are dead wrong. >> no. >> sean: want to argue about chris christie now? >> no, this is my point. they have made the point and refused to raise. >> sean: it is about saving the country from bankruptcy. >> you have one half of one branch of government. want them to do better americans give them two thirds in the house or senate or chris christie as president. >> sean: give them a conservative president and a conservative senate and we will be better off i agree. >> i took away his inhaler today until he agreed to run in 2012. >> sean: he does have asthma. people don't know you are kidding. they don't know your sense of humor. she loves chris christie.
6:32 pm
>> i'm going to get him to run and save the country. >> sean: the latest from capitol hill. we continue atown hall meetings await a vote. it could happen in the next hour on john boehner's deficit reduction plan. when we come back, the otherofn side, juan williams is here next. but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, workintogether to help improve ur lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalersor sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing,
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>> sean: and this is a fox news alert. there is a possibility that there could be another delay on the house vote on the boehner debt bill tonight. word that the gop may be trying to tweak the bill at the last minute to secure the missing votes. joining me with reaction the author of by the way, a terrific brand new book called "muzzled" the assault on honest debate, fox news political analyst juan williams. i was touched by it. i nearly read it in one sitting. i couldn't put it down and i was touched you told the story that you knew you were fired, you were on the show that night and you and i are -- what people don't know is even though you are absolutely like bob beckel says you were dropped on your head as a kid,
6:37 pm
we don't agree politically, we have the same values, we care about our kids, we have a friendship outside this of and that night i knew something was wrong. >> it is amazing to me that you said to me. we were arguing like we always argue on the show and as we walked out you said are you okay, is something wrong with you? >> sean: you had just been fired. >> i was shaken up but i didn't know because i didn't tell anybody and there you are, i mean in a moment of connection that to this moment i'm still like how did sean no know thatd then we went off and started having our discussion. >> sean: got to get the book. the story is amazing. it is compelling. i thought you had a great discussion with jon stewart. he would never be that nice to be. >> a lot of people thought he would beat me up. >> sean: i thought it was nice and fair to you and i thought he got o lot out of you. i know he doesn't like fox and he hates me but i thought it
6:38 pm
was well done. here, look, now it is time to get tough. >> right. >> sean: why won't this president man up and lead? he asked for this job. he campaigned for this job. he begged for this job hope and change, hope and change. people fainting before him. a new era of america and he doesn't have the political courage to go out and put his plan on paper and the republicans have one, two, three, four, five plans that we can read, we can absorb, we can look at with specifics, voted on, why is the president politically a coward? >> let me just say this is not about plans, sean. you can have all of the plans in the world. what america needs tonight is a deal that avert this crisis. >> sean: why can't he put his deal out there. >> eric cantor said the presidents, president obama the white house put $2 trillion in cuts on the table. a huge victory for republicans. >> sean: there is a big difference between the ryan
6:39 pm
plan voted on. the cut cap and balance voted on. they are trying to get votes tonight for a deal that their own base is angry about. >> correct, republicans, a shooting squad and let me tell you something the left in the country is infuriated with president obama and the white house because they think he is give to much to the republicans. >> sean: he lost the tax raising debate. this president is not a leader. he is spineless. he didn't have the courage to lay out his vision, his plan and show the american people where he really stands. and you know what, at a time when the country is facing losing its triple-a bond rating it is disgraceful he is so bad. he is not fit for this office. i'm telling you he is over his head. >> this is so wrong and the way that you go after president obama, hit on president obama constantly and somehow escapes your attention you have a group of people who have absolutely lost touch with reality with the financial risk they are putting the entire country, my pension plan, your pension
6:40 pm
plan. >> stop it. he spent the money. obama. stimulus. obama's budgets. obama's deficit. >> i have heard from you, sean hannity that president bush passed the prescription bill with no funding. two wars not on the books. you support these wars and we want to fight for our freedom. >> sean: as bad as president bush's last year was, his next year, the worst year he had, $450 billion. obama's debt this year deficit $1.65 trillion. >> and why? why? because we had to spend money in terms of everything from bailouts to stimulus to try to avert the idea that our recession would turn into a depression. >> sean: juan, i got to tell you something, this president has never -- donald trump said this, what big deal has he ever done in his life? what experience has he ever had
6:41 pm
to to run the biggest economy in the world except run it into the ground that we are going to lose your triple a rating. he ran is into the ground. >> everything that he tries to accomplish republicans act to obstruct and. >> sean: cry me a river style magazine they just want to beat obama and deny him an opportunity. >> it he had two years with pelosi and reid. >> it and was trying to do a bipartisan deal and work with conservative democrats and republicans he couldn't get votes because republican leadership said we don't want to do anything to help this president. >> sean: and the republicans were wise enough not to take $4 trillion in new obama debt and $5.2 million of pelosi debt. >> only 6% of america approve of congressional america right now. 6%. never been lower. you know why this is, sean? >> sean: because the democrats ran the country into the ground? >> they are playing with each other and saying i'm more conservative than you are and none is concerned about about
6:42 pm
america's future. >> sean: where is the president's plan? >> he is standing there and saying let's make a deal. >> sean: show me it. tell me where i can find it. where can i find his deal? i can't find his deal! >> his deal is right there where he is negotiating with boehner. >> sean: where is it, this the most transparent administration in history and i can't find his deal. >> a deal where there is nobody on the other side to negotiate with. >> sean: i see the republican deal and cut cap and balance. i see the ryan plan. >> i see republicans who can't even vote on their own deal because they are so divided and let me say you cited the "wall street journal" editorial earlier tonight. >> sean: pathetic. >> how about the "wall street journal" acting in a way that says we have a financial future and let's protect it. >> sean: stay right there because i'm not done with you. you stay. we're going take a break. and watching the action on capitol hill as we await a possible vote on this delay going on with the boehner bill
6:43 pm
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visit and get a coupon for frontline plus. >> sean: we continue with fox news contributor the one and only one williams. his brand new book is muzzled. i can't believe i'm endorsing a book when i'm in a big fight with you here. juan, here is the problem and we went over this with rand paul. all of these bills short of cut, cap and balance all of them and you can't tell me what the president's plan is because he didn't have the courage to come forward with one. he didn't do what the republicans did because i think he is in over his head, he is weak and not a leader. that aside -- >> okay. >> thank you for con ceding that point. >> i didn't but go right ahead. >> sean: the republicans have put forward their plan and with all of these plans short of cut cap and balance and what rand paul and i were talking about tonight, we are still increasing spending 8% a year. we are -- not only are we taking a sledge hammer to our
6:48 pm
kids piggy banks we are taking a bulldozer to freedom our constitution and their future opportunity and that is why this matters. we get this right now. and that is why the president shut should have led. >> let me say this to you, the president has been leading and the president has been trying to engage in serious negotiation. when you talk about the size ofrg of government government spending let me remind you taxes at the country at a 60 year low in terms of gdp. secondly, the country is growing. we have more people on entitlements than ever. aging population there will be increased spending and we have to provide for the people that paid into the system. >> sean: every person watching this program all around the world who watch this program and watch the fox news channel if they fell short of money and i told them they have to freeze spending for six years and cut 1% a year do how to thin you ts
6:49 pm
possible? >> your family and my family as fortunate as we are in my family we don't print money in my household. we don't have bonds to issue and get capital and we don't guide the rest of the world because of the value of our dollar. >> sean: we are becoming greece. the debt to gdp ratio is going be 100% of what we take in. that means that every penny this country takes in is going to go to service the debt and that means that we will not be able to pay for any programs so if we can experience a little pain now because they have overspent more than anybody else, barack obama and nancy pelosi and the democrats, a little pain now, a little aah austerity is going to prevent our kids from working their entire adult lives to pay off this. >> this sounds like what president obama was talking to the republicans about when said he is willing to raise the age
6:50 pm
on medicaid and willing to put more -- >> sean: show me where he put that on paper? there is a silly teleprompter read. he is saying toeeoc is saying republicans in serious negotiations. >> sean: can you show us the deal and he says we have shown enough leg. that is what he said. he won't show us the deal. >> what we are talking about here is trying to work with people. we don't you stand up and say you know what, republicans, you know what tea party members, we won, we pushed it, you think he is a liberal far left president, right, this liberal far left president is willing to engage in entitlement cuts, spending cuts and he is not -- what tax hikes? no tax hikes that is what you are getting from the democrats. >> sean: we had an 84% increase in discretionary spending under the most irresponsible wreckless idealog on pennsylvania avenue. >> you sore myopic. i tell the truth.
6:51 pm
>> you are not. >> i'm honest for the disaster and this country. >> you know what is a disaster for this country that charade going on capitol hill tonight. this is like a bunch of kids out in the woods playing with each other and you say kids come in it's' time to do serious business, let the adults take charge and president obama has shown leadership that you refuse to acknowledge, sean. >> sean: i have a headache. more with the great american panel. thank you, juan. >> you're welcome. [ jon ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska.
6:52 pm
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>> sean: fox news alert. looking live at capitol hill where events have come to a stand still. we are waiting to see whether republicans will bring house speaker john boehner's bill to the floor for a vote or whether they will make changes to the bill in order o rally more support behind it to get the votes we need. joining me. no time for introductions. >> i think the system is fundamentally broken and doesn't matter are whether the boehner bill passes for not. i think we need several constitutional amendments and the balanced budget amendment is needed. so me it is we really do need constitutional amendments. we need change, doesn't matter who we send to washington they
6:56 pm
are disappointing us. >> sean: you were against it -- you would have been a congressman that would is switched today because you were against it until today. >> $9 million odd of money markets today. $60 billion this week. "wall street journal" on the front page this week,. i agree with john campbell who also switched, great congressman from california from no to yes today and i think we are on the precipice of a repeat of the fall of 2008. the president is responsible. he is irresponsible in a radical way but i don't think we can see and raise that irresponsibility. >> sean: if they wanted to tweak it, here is a tweak that would work. if dollar for dollar more spending cuts to increase in the debt limit, short-term to give them time to do something significant with the real debt issues would pass, can't be over ten years. it has to be immediate. it has to be front loaded. why didn't they do it that way? >> they ought to have done a lot of things differently. if republican congressmen are watching i hope they pass for.
6:57 pm
>> basically we are having the debate you listen to democrats and republicans i spent a week out in the country last week interviewing people. both parties had it with what they are doing. republicans right now are acting like children in the house not passing this. i want to tell you, even said never miss like the palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. the president as disingenuous, the republicans with the idea that you are not going to do something and bring this thing down is insane. let me just say the country has had it with all of them. you know what this stuff keeps up and donald trump or someone will come roaring into the case and make a bid for leadership. >> sean: whawhy do you say thee is equal blame? >> both sides are irresponsible if they can't figure out their one half of the congress of three branches and they can't
6:58 pm
get together to pass the speaker's bill and let the democrats vote to down and force the issue, no. >> sean: the democrats gave us this debt and deficit and crisis and then don't present a bill and then throw darts at republicans and say you are evil. how is that equal if your mind? >> the system is fundamentally broken and needs to be changed. i applaud the tea party and more americans need to wake up and we need constitutional amendments because the system is so broke. >> sean: the house passd that was that irresponsible. >> and constitutional amendments that include term limits as well. >> the president's numbers down to 40 and 39. the president is so irresponsible i believe people understand it at this moment if this hour the republicans cannot hand back this story to him. >> sean: there is a poll coming out tomorrow and you love polls, that is going show mitt romney leading the president by 8 points. >> we'll see. the polls at this point, he has not helped himself in my
6:59 pm
opinion. let me tell you something. the problem here is all of them. >> sean: no, it's not. >> let me finish this point. and the republicans are interested in one thing. advancing their politics. they are not interested in the country. >> sean: that is silly. >> let me finish. let me finish. >> no, i won't. there are republicans. >> i'm tired of this crap. >> the answer is -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> they all -- oh, please, i'm -- >> the president is a lead. bly don't you stop doing this crap? all of you. the fact of the matter is both parties are screwed up and i want you -- >> they are not screwed up. >> that is not true. >> stop interrupting me. you don't have a right to keep doing that for god sake. >> i do. >> let me go back to carol. everyone take a break. >> so much fundamentally broken. we need the tea party to hold america accountable. we need a constitutional amendments for term limits as well as the balanced budget. >> we need to be responsible,

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